Hot Date Ideas

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Do you need some hot date ideas to impress your new crush? Well look no further. Even if you do not know much about your new crush (other than the fact that they are hot), you will be sure to find interesting date ideas if you get creative!


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Date ideas fall into two main categories: outside date ideas and indoor date ideas. If you are the outdoors type and don’t mind venturing outdoors in all types of weather, you are likely to find outdoor fun date ideas ideal. If you prefer to keep your hair dry and your clothes pristine, check out our indoor romantic date ideas.

Outdoor Fun Date Ideas

1. Rent a bicycle designed for two
If you are unable to do this, dig out your old bicycles and take them for a ride. It is one of the best first date ideas.

2. Visit the beach
There is nothing more romantic than a trip to the beach on a summer’s day. Take your volleyball and Frisbee and have some fun with your other half.

3. Visit the lake
Take a trip to the nearest lake and feed the ducks or rent a canoe. Find a boating company that offers sunset boating trips.

4. Go for a run
Get healthy and feel connected by going for a run together at a pace that allows you to engage in conversation. Choose a route in advance or make one up as you go along.

5. Go roller-skating
Grab a pair of roller-skates and go for a skate around the block. Even if you can’t skate very well, you can have fun trying.

6. Take a walk
Choose the perfect setting and go for a walk with your date. Entwine your hand in theirs and make it a walk to remember.

Indoor Romantic Date Ideas

1. Hit the bowling alley
Strike it lucky with your bowling ball and with your crush by taking a visit to the bowling alley. Keep it casual and invite your friends along or keep it personal and compete against each other.

2. Get a massage together
The relaxed feeling you and your date feel after a massage will set the tone for weeks to come! It also gives you a chance to show off your hot bod!

3. Catch a band at a bar
Head down to your local bar and catch an up-and-coming band. This is among the best first date ideas.

4. Go for a pizza
Visit your local Italian restaurant and create your own pizza by choosing from a range of pizza toppings. For an extra special touch, ask them to shape your pizza into a heart.

5. Watch your favorite TV show
Pick up some snacks from the local grocery store and watch your favorite TV show. If it’s part of a series, make a date to watch the show together each week. If you live apart, take it in turns hosting the date.

6. Enjoy a candlelit dinner
Wear your favorite outfit, dress up the table, light some candles, and cook your crush a delicious meal. Drop some hints so that they arrive dressed up too! This is among the best romantic date ideas you may think of.

You need not travel far from home to find interesting date ideas. In most cases, you need not travel out of your home! Whether you are looking for first date ideas or want to spice up your relationship with some new fun date ideas, there are a range of date ideas to suit your needs.